Webrtc & Real-Time Consulting

WebRTC WebRTC & Real-Time Consulting

WebRTC is a powerful tool to enable real-time communication such as video conferencing, which is the modern way to conduct meetings. WebRTC is one of our specialties and we have years of experience delivering high-quality video conferencing solutions featuring video and voice messaging, desktop sharing, file exchange capabilities, co-browsing, and more.


Secure Voice & Video

WebRTC has always-on voice and video encryption.

Advanced Audio & Video Quality

WebRTC uses the Opus audio codec that produces high fidelity voice and VP8 codec for video.

Reliable Session Establishment

The reliable operation avoids server-relayed media and thereby reduces latency and increases quality.

Adaptive To Network Conditions

The APIs and signaling can negotiate the size and format for each endpoint individually.

eCommerce & Retail

With the prevalence of smartphones and easy to access online stores, many people are switching to online shopping. To better cater the online shopper, implement a custom video and audio consultation solution into your website or app and provide your support team with streamlined access to your online clients.

  • Rapid Development
  • Focused Skill Sets
  • Complete Implementation

Healthcare & Telemedicine

Empower our doctors and primary caregivers with Telehealth so that they can efficiently provide aid and consultation to their patients. From emergency stroke treatment to post-operative follow-ups, ensure that patients are getting the medical attention they need. With WebRTC, reach your patients wherever they are and whenever they need it.

  • Live Video and Audio Conferencing
  • Secure Email & Notifications
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Equipment

eLearning & EdTech

eLearning is one of our specialties. With years of experience in the field and backed by our own LMS Ofabee, we are well equipped to handle all your training needs. Ofabee has integrated and intuitive video conferencing and collaboration tools. Screen and whiteboard sharing, seamless file and data exchange, and more features to make tutor-student interactions more engaging and efficient.

  • Professional Development Training
  • Marketing Communications Analysis
  • Personalizing Instruction

Client Success Thru-Talk

Trident Consultants are experts who acquire information and suggest brand new concepts to their clients. To attain top level in consultancy, the firm wanted to have the right people and resources.Trident required a video conferencing tool that could perform holistic market research with all of their unique customization. We have our team of WebRTC Experts who analysed their predicament and initiated the creation of a versatile tool that helps them capture a substantial market share and place them in the forefront of the consultancy.

  • Screen Sharing
  • Virtual Whiteboard
  • Video/Audio Conferencing
  • Text Chat
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