Web applications for industries and enterprises.

Web App Development: Concept to Reality

Enfin Technologies has about 9 years of experience in Web App Development with excellence. Our team of expert developers has been building Web Applications for industries and enterprises including E-learning, E-commerce, and Health & Wellness industries. From designing the Web Application to the delivery, the Enfin team is always at their best. For exceptional results, we use tools including Mean Stack Development tools, Angular JS, HTML 5, PHP etc.

Angular JS

Angular JS, our masterstroke is designed to work with rich data whenever we implement web applications and present smart, rapid and personalized information. Enfin has been using Angular JS and has successfully delivered projects for Web Applications, Mobile Apps and Widgets. Our team of experts have profound knowledge on it which add to the perfection of our work..


We create quality web apps from server-side and client-side with Node.js as it is mainly utilized for building fast and scalable web apps using JavaScript. As our developers possess good expertise in Node.js, we build fast and scalable web applications. We have acquired an eminent experience in building high quality apps using Node.js. With the expertise, we guarantee you high, fast and quality performance.


Express is a fast and minimalist web framework for Node.js which provides fundamental web application features. Enfin use the Express Framework which is minimal and flexible. Our team uses it qualitatively as it provides a potent set of features that makes our work perfect.

Mongo DB

We use Mongo DB because of its fast and flexible document-based database for the development of web and mobile apps. The large variety of features in Mongo DB includes auto sharing, map reduce functionality, intuitive command line interface, support of JSON format and full text search. We are highly experienced in building a wide range of applications and APIs using Mongo DB.


With HTML5 production capabilities, Enfin offers cost-effective multi-platform development, responsive web designs that repurpose the layout, provides support for offline applications and more over enables beautiful and user-friendly interfaces. We have done numerous successful projects with HTML 5 and are still excited to provide you more


We work to achieve the desired objectives of the client by using PHP coding techniques. Enfin strives to assist the client using server side PHP scripting and thereby managing the coding. We have been able to execute all PHP based projects within the time frame. Our PHP Development team consistently work for the development of innovative websites for the clients and the quality of our product proves that..