Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Made Legendary

Technology is transforming the way business is done. Companies pay less and less for travel and invest smartly on conducting meetings. Enfin offers a wide range of technology solutions in this vertical. There are many providers who specialize in providing online meeting software, however, they tend to be expensive in the long run. Enfin proposes cost effective custom created video conferencing solutions that are double encrypted for extra layer of privacy.

Video Consulting Apps

However, with the advancement of digital technology, video-based consulting apps is breaking down barriers around the world, and can reduce the expenditure as a result. Interaction with your clients and consultation becomes easier with hassle free video consulting apps. Here Enfin Technologies provides you with affordable and user friendly consulting apps... .

Webinar Applications

Classroom lectures are a becoming a thing of the past very fast. Webinars are making ripples in the field of training and teaching in terms of reaching a large audience worldwide. Enfin’s has expertise in creating custom and cost effective webinar applications that gives power to our clients to create their very own webinar eco systems and creates the possibility for monetizing their efforts. ..