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MEAN Stack- An Evolving Trend

  • With MEAN stack you can do everything that you could do with a LAMP stack, by using JavaScript alone! By using a single language across all layers, you can easily have a team of developers who can develop a brisk software
  • MongoDB as the database
  • Express as the web framework
  • AngularJS as the front-end framework
  • Node.js as the server platform

The Enfin Edge

  • Enfin Technologies help you to avoid the struggle of outsourcing your projects. Our team of experts give their best to deliver high quality results. MEAN Stack with Enfin offers,
  • Complete service provider
  • Highly skilled resources
  • 24*7 Support
  • Reusability of features

Our projects in MEAN Stack

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    Trident Consultants are experts who acquire information and suggest brand new concepts to their clients. To attain top level in consultancy, the firm wanted to have the right people and resources.

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    Vocal Views

    Vocal Views is a UK based Online Market Research Company that provides an innovative platform where the companies can get involved in paid market research studies. Vocal Views allows the companies to open up how they feel about their products and services.

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