eLearning Tailored for You

The next revolution is happening in education -it is through eLearning and Enfin is at its forefront. Our cutting edge and user-friendly eLearning enablement solutions is definitely transforming the way our clients provided traditional classroom trainings to cutting edge connected classrooms with concurrent students attending from all over the world.

Learning Management System

Enfin’s Learning Management System (LMS) incorporates both traditional values and latest technology, which is a result of extensive research into what is best for both sides of the LMS- the teacher and the learner. The LMS can accommodate complex course structures and evaluation methods so that the user can deliver the best course content to the learners. .

Virtual Classrooms

Classroom training is going global. What was once a teacher; teaching in a classroom with a limited number of students learning can now be converted into seemingly endless classrooms with infinite students attending concurrently using Enfin’s Virtual Classroom solutions. We make use of a blend of multimedia streaming and feedback and evaluation mechanisms to deliver top class virtual classroom experience for both the trainer/teacher/coach and students.

Connected Classroom

Deliver Interactive LIVE Classroom Sessions Beyond Walls through Connected Classrooms. Establish teaching sessions for multiple classrooms from a single location. Manage different classes in different locations by monitoring it from a single location. Reach up to your students without geographical boundaries and deliver them the best results through Connected Classrooms.